Surrounded by greenery , bostan is moored on the beautiful Dal Lake open part in the heart of the verdant Kashmir Valley, surrounded by the pristine peaks of the Himalayas.

The houseboat sits amidst the beauty of nature and enjoys breathtaking views of the snow covered peaks of the Pir Panjal mountains.

The richness of history is also present, silently proclaiming the Valley’s tradition of tolerance: distant silhouettes of the hilltop temple shankaracharya founded by the famous philosopher-saint Adi Shankara in the eighth century and the impressive sixteenth century fort built by the Mughal Emperor, Akbar the Great can both be seen from the boat.

It was the Maharaja of Kashmir who first allowed the 19th century British visitors to live in houseboats. Bostan /Gulistan brings this traditional concept of a residential houseboat into the modern era, while losing none of the charm of history. With modern type of bathroom/ main line water supply for all purposes in houseboat, .

There is a sitting and dining room, with ample space for relaxing. By day you can watch life go by on the lake at the same unhurried pace it has done for centuries;

"Enjoy breathtaking views of the snow covered peaks of the Pir Panjal mountains."

at Bostan Gulistan . All the professionals are masters of their trade and each brings with him a unique set of experience adding value to the traveler's overall experience of the country. To put it simply, we know what a traveler anticipates and more than that we know what it takes to satisfy them. India is an ever demanding destination for people for centuries, because it is so diverse and yet one. India represents a kaleidoscope of color and festivals, perfumes and aromas, cuisine and costume.

Bostan Gulistan, a company with delegation of people with powerful experience knows its way around. Bostan, a company with difference, has been successfully engaged in the travel business for more than 50 years and since decades has gathered together a specialized and well-experienced team dedicated to the path of the traveler in India. Indeed our commitment to India is unsurpassed.

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